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Licenses: NMLS ID 208932 OH LO License #: LO.033503.000 PA LO License#: 55542 IN LO License #: 38989 KY LO License#: MC414750 IL LO License #: 031.0039835 FL LO License #: LO38277 GA LO License #: 59952 SC LO License #: MLO 208932 TN LO License#: 174032

Ryan Cuffle

Regional Manager

Archie Cuffle

Director of Happiness

Licenses: NMLS ID 697501 LO.004657.001 PA LO License #56167

Skip Weber

Loan Originator/Training Manager

Licenses: NMLS ID 1240868 OH LO License #: LO.050083.000 FL LO License #: LO52584

Michael Sweigert

Sales Manager/Loan Originator

Licenses: NMLS 1554738 OH LO License #: .052684.000 PA LO License #: 62866

Libby Benson

TPO Account Executive

Licenses NMLS: 1500075 FL LO License#: LO58952 OH LO License #: LO.050849.000

Sam Vera

Loan Originator

Licenses NMLS: 1410696 PA LO License#: 69662

Greg Broomer

Loan Originator

Licenses: NMLS ID 728179 LO.003105.001

Thomas Gallagher

Loan Originator

NMLS: 1962096; OH LO License #: MLO-OH.1962069

Donald Sweigert

Loan Originator

Licenses NMLS: 1877046 MLO-OH.1877046

Jacob Hackett

Loan Originator

NMLS ID 2003516 OH LO License #: MLO-OH.2003516

Aaron Howell

Loan Originator

LO NMLS ID#: 2025126 OH LO License#: MLO-OH.2025126

Angela Nicholson

Loan Originator

LO NMLS ID#: 1231273 OH LO License#: MLO-OH.1231273

Ryan Stradling

Loan Originator

Support Staff

Crystal Doyle

Processing Manager

Mary Jo Kollat

Loan Processor

Taylor Long

Mortgage Coordinator

NMLS: 1593185

Aubrey Carcelli

Loan Processor

Hailey Filon

Mortgage Coordinator

Kelsea Smail

Marketing Director

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